My Power Wood Carving

Well, this is my newest passion. I’ve always wanted to work with wood. I’ve been hoarding … I mean stocking up on wood working supplies for quite a few years. I have various chisel (mostly practical in nature, not fine carving), a scroll saw, a router, circular saws, a band saw, a drill press, etc. All of these, though some can be used for other things, I got to work on wood. I was also give two rotary tools (Craftsman AND Dremel … good ones, not the tiny battery operated ones). All these things sat there unless “needed” for some project.

Then, I stumbled onto to something somewhere that got my brain all excited. And that is how this passion fully developed. I also realized that, throughout the years since high school, my main focus has been on learning all things practical. I got those wood working tools so I could build useful things, like tables, chairs, houses (yeah, I know that’s a stretch but it could happen). Once I started really looking into wood carving (and practicing), I started having fun. It’s amazing. I had always (since becoming an adult, which is overrated) set aside my brain’s ability to have fun for all things non-productive (playing video games or reading a book that has nothing to teach me or movies). This is the first craft/hobby that I’m doing just for the pure enjoyment of it and it has no “functional” use … they are just pretty! 🙂

So, I will be posting my progress (and my baby steps) here for all the world to see. If I do the code right, all blog posts that have to do with wood will be listed below but I’m going to include some You Tube channels first (my baby steps) and eventually some pictures of my projects.

My first step: I figured I should learn to draw. LOL! I don’t want to rely solely on other people’s pictures (especially with all the ideas floating around in my head). So, I looked around and found this set of videos. Straight lines work best for me now and I’ve always loved knot work, so I figured why not start there?

As of right now, I’m just using the rotary tools I already have. If I continue to enjoy this (which is questionable due to my Attention Deficit Disorder), I’ll get one of those fancy-shmancy dental drill setups they show in these videos.

I originally had 2 bits for them, so we shot out to Home Depot so I could get a few more.

These are the bits I have now:

106 Engraving Cutter

194 High Speed Cutter

9909 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Sabrecut Bit (RotoZip – SC4)

710-02 All-Purpose Accessory Kit

And these are the bits I still need to get:

Now, these are suggested in the various videos I’ve seen (or something similar).

This one is a more rounded version of the 9909 above. I’m not sure if I’ll “need” this but they didn’t have any at Lowe’s OR Home Depot:
121 High Speed Cutter

7105 Diamond Wheel Point (The diamond bits don’t take off as much material)

There are a few others that were suggested (and used) in the videos but I can’t find a corresponding bit for the Dremel nor the Craftsman and I have no idea if the shaft size is the same (1/8 inch … I think their engravers have a 3/32 inch shaft size).

Now, I haven’t started this video series yet (I’m working on just a basic Celtic knot I drew on a chunk of 4×4 leftover from fence building … yes, I save every scrap of usable wood and metal) but after the knot work (need to see if these latest bits will suffice) I’m going to get started on this project:

Then, I’m going to futz around with couple of ideas for two wall plaques. Maybe make a gift for my sisters (maybe my mom, depending on how intricate I decide it needs to be). Then, I want to work on our shotgun. Those ideas floating around are too intricate for me right now. BUT to give you an idea of the theme of the design for my shotgun, here’s a clip (from one of the finest B movies ever ~grin~):

All these I’ll post pictures of once they are done.

So, what is my ultimate goal? I want to be able to do stuff like this:

And these videos I have added to a playlist on my You Tube channel:

And these are from Bill Janney:

Posts about wood working:

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