About My Sustainable Home

Sustainable living is doing everything I can to rely less and less on forces outside my home for my daily life. There are so many skills we can acquire, enabling ourselves to rely on our own skills without needing the others.  I know how to make soap and shampoo and own (and know how to use) a washboard though I prefer not to do these activities if I don’t have to.  I’m not one of those who wishes they were living in the 1800’s because I sure do enjoy the conveniences we have in our current day and age but when there is  a time when you need to survive without a washer, stove, electricity, running water, a roof over your head, or food at a grocery store NOW is the time to learn those skills.

So many of us, when it comes to cooking food, would be lost if we didn’t have access to the foods we eat every day.  What if you relocate to a different part of the country and the foods you are so accustomed to are not available?  Do you know how to make those foods yourself?  Can you get (raise or grow) the ingredients needed for those foods?  If not, what will you eat?  I’m not talking about just survival.  Just surviving is good but can you imagine eating the same things day in, day out, for months on end because that’s all you have?  Life doesn’t have to be that way!  With proper planning and education, variety can truly be the spice of life without breaking the bank.  The key is expanding your recipe repertoire NOW so you have a variety of skills to fall back on.

While I don’t focus solely on wild edible foods, I was very lucky to have been a member (and eventual owner) of a wonderful Yahoo group about wild edible foods that began in 1999.  Thanks to the generosity of the members, we have a huge amount of recipes and information that I just do not want to see disappear into the nether regions of closed groups and websites on the internet.  That is why, through my website http://www.wildforager.org and this blog you will see recipes, articles, and information attributed to many others.  I will note when something is my creation but I was no where near as prolific in my wild edible explorations as much as the former owner of that Yahoo group, Melana Hiatt.  You will see many, many pages of information and recipes by her.

I am also an information junkie with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder).  I love to not only learn by reading but by doing.  Attaining new skills … I guess that would be my hobby!  I don’t just like to know, I like to do.  I love the challenge of learning something new (most of the time, skills that are completely foreign to me, having had no exposure to it throughout my life).  Most of the time, I learn something until it’s “good enough” then move onto another skill (the perfect example of this is using my wash board … I truly appreciate my washing machine way too much).  Then again, there are some things that just reel me in and I cannot stop until I am truly proficient at them (right now, that’s wood carving).

So, you will see many “what the heck?” posts on here.  This is my sanctuary, where I feel free to post my random thoughts and musings (like Facebook but much less often).  I do my best to educate myself on proper terminology but occasionally I will let slip a “thingamajig” or “doohickey”.  If that’s fine with you, then I welcome you with open arms.  Enjoy the ride!


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